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Bangtan Boys 12/∞
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I guess it’s time to tell everyone that my laptop is and has been down for quite some time. /flips a table./ I know, it may seem like I’ve gone dead but it’s only because my laptop decided to troll the f*ck out of me right when SECRET came out with ‘I Do, I Do.” and there’s been a lot of stuff that I wanted to edit and upload but I can’t ;__; GOOD NEWS my uncle is fixing it, of course everything I had will be gone but it’ll be fixed then I can catch up and blog as if I’ll never have the chance again. Yaay!!~ FIGHTING!!

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Reblog if you want your followers to share secrets with you!


If you want them to tell you about their crush, tell you an embarrassing story, or tell you any kind of secret!

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Daehyun Moaning Explicit Version
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50 edits of Jung Hana
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I’m Sorry for my obsence please forgive me ;n; I love you guys. We connect by you liking and reblogging the nonsense I post. Well, that sounded weird, just looking at the awesome picture of Mithra


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T - Bang Yongguk
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For every ★ I get, I will post a fact about myself.

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don't steal!
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